How do you differentiate yourself and more importantly how do you behave in comparison with your competitors? Social pressure is on the rise and clients and (social) media have stronger and more direct impact on the way unexpected events are handled. You operate within this dynamic environment. Organizations, products, brands face increasingly judgment and condemnation in high-pressure situations. Each day you must prove yourself and we are there to support you.

Virtus Communications builds and protects the reputation of organizations, products and people. We have 30 years experience in reputation management for market leaders.
Together we develop the appropriate, distinctive positioning to ensure that it is structurally visible in the market. We create a reputation cushion for your organization, so you can withstand a setback. If needed, we also provide optimal communication for your organization.

We can also help you prepare for and manage communication in situations with strong impact on your reputation such as crises, mergers, takeovers and reorganizations. And should something actually go wrong, we will develop a strategy for recovering trust with the relevant stakeholders.

Virtus Communications: not just another name – The Latin word Virtus stands for, amongst other things, Virtue, Courage and Determination. These are important requirements for successful reputation management. Requirements for organizations that don’t consider reputation management as superficial or a goal in itself, but as a means to build sustainable success: differentiating and offering protection.

Virtus ƒ 1 virtue; 2 courage; 3 determination; 4 strength; 5 integrity.