Our experience, expertise and credentials lie primarily in the market where pressure from the environment is at its strongest. Precisely where the importance of a strong reputation is at its most consequential.

Take for example the financial sector (banks, insurance companies, pension funds and accountants). In this branch certain themes of communication come into play such as the reassessment of positioning relative to competitors, new business models, executive compensation, product transparency and a lack of consumer confidence.

But also food and agribusinesses face their own challenges such as food safety, sustainability and supply chain management. And what can be said about the healthcare sector? Institutions, from hospitals to elderly care, must increasingly differentiate themselves from their ‘competitors’. At the same time they must deal with issues such as changing financial resources, extensive restructuring and quality transparency. Again, in the knowledge that they will be followed and judged by critical consumers.

The advisors at Virtus Communications have 30 years of experience in reputation management for market leaders. This is of direct benefit to you. In a personal discussion we would be happy to share more relevant cases and experiences with you.