This is how you gain trust

Gaining and maintaining the trust of the environment is one of the biggest challenges for organizations. After all, trust is historically low, according to the annual Trust Barometer of the PR agency Edelman. And it is trust that determines whether an organization is able to build and maintain relationships with its stakeholders. The foundation of trust stems from 3 elements:

  • Positive relationships: The organization is able to build positive relationships with the stakeholders in its environment.
  • Consistent behavior: Does the organization exhibit unambiguous behavior that also matches its promises.
  • Correct assessments: is the organization itself able to make good assessments when making decisions. In the eyes of the environment, does the organization adequately anticipate problems.

These points make it clear that the organization and its director (s) themselves can influence the creation of trust in the environment. They will have to be willing to invest in the relationship with the environment and provide insight into their considerations, decisions and actions. Do you want to know how? Book ‘Reputation Management for Everyone: