Staff is Crisis Communicator

Employees are also the most important asset of an organization in times of crisis. You better cherish them and keep them close to you.

Make the entire organization aware of the potential risks that can lead to crises. And that people know how to alarm and act if a risk actually occurs. In short, an early warning system, in which everyone has a role and reward them for taking up that role.

Always inform your employees first in the event of a crisis. They are the ones who get the questions from the environment in practice and they must therefore know better than anyone what is going on. Make sure they are able to communicate about the crisis. So distribute internally the press statements and the social media posts that the organization posts. Then they can share this content with their environment. Make employees aware of the communication role they can play and of the risk that sometimes exists if they act rashly in communication.

Realize that employees can only fulfill this role if there is an open and inviting culture in the organization.

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