Doing the Right thing when Nobody is Watching

Bonus discussions at banks, fuss about corona support for multinationals such as KLM and Booking and the fall of the Rutte III cabinet due to the benefits affair at the tax authorities. Most people are good, but that does not necessarily apply to our institutions. Time shows that organizations can derail tremendously. Like their administrators, they are under extreme pressure from society and the media. Moreover, pressure that only increases. In the future, directors will be personally the head of jut even more often, predicts reputation expert Frank Peters.

Simply complying with agreements and legislation and regulations is no longer enough. To meet the expectations and standards of the environment, organizations must exhibit ethical and honest behavior. Integrity is the holy grail of leadership and critical in building and maintaining a strong reputation.

In his latest book Doing the right thing when no one is watching, Peters discusses the principles of leadership in ethics, on the basis of examples and advice. In doing so, he has ten prominent philosophers and scientists, including René ten Bos, Rob van Es, Menno de Bree, Minke Tromp and Muel Kaptein, reflect from their field of expertise on honest leadership. The author provides practical insights and tips in the field of reputation management and integrity and works towards the integrity frame. A personal step-by-step plan that helps administrators and their advisers to deal with moral issues in a careful and balanced manner and to communicate about them with their environment. In short, do the right thing even when no one is looking.

“In these complex times, the reflection on Doing the right thing when no one is looking is essential for the proper development of our society and of each of us in this society” – former national ombudsman Alex Brenninkmeijer in the preface