Communication & Corona

Many brands are struggling with the question of how to continue to communicate in these Corona times. Various slips have already been seen, such as from the Dutch Stella Fietsen and the French eyewear brand Polette.

With these tips, you can in any case make the decision carefully:

1. Beware of hookers: extreme caution is advised with campaigns that directly link to the Corona virus. The environment quickly sees such a campaign as ‘corpse pecking’, because you are trying to gain commercial advantage through the crisis. An exception are, for example, (apology) campaigns in which you indicate that there are specifics about the availability of your product as a result of the crisis.

2. Review existing and new campaigns critically: does a new campaign fit in with this Corona era in terms of style, tone and subject? Or is it better to postpone until the suffering is over. Also, critically examine existing campaigns as to whether they still fit and do not evoke negative associations. Intervene if you have any doubts. Better not to do than or to postpone. Use market research and external scrutiny to assess whether you are at risk.

Of course you have to continue as a brand, but make the choice carefully.