Tips for making an excuse

Every director or manager makes a mistake from time to time. It is important that you are open about this and that you name and explain it yourself. Moreover, it may be necessary to make excuses for this within and outside the organization. Especially if you notice that the environment expects this from you, you cannot escape it because otherwise the pressure will only increase. Look at the situation with Camiel Eurlings at the time around the alleged “misconduct” towards his partner. With an apology you often indicate that you prefer the value of a relationship or friendship over your own ego.

These rules will help you do that in a good way:
– Admit you were wrong.
– Accept its liability.
– State that you regret what happened.
– Say it won’t happen again.
– Indicate what you will do to solve it and how you will prevent it from happening again in the future.

Of course it is essential that the excuse is timely and that it is genuine. Realize that making an excuse alone is never enough. Ultimately, it must always be accompanied by concrete actions and therefore behavior.