At Virtus Communications our values are passion, straightforwardness, cooperation and no nonsense. These terms represent the way we advise you and your organization. And you will notice this in the result!

Passion - We strongly believe in the power of communication sector and won’t rest until we have found the right solution for your request or problem. And we are determined to understand what your organization and market are about to give you the best possible advice.

Straightforwardness - We don’t see you as our client but as our partner. For that reason we go full out to achieve the best results. And as a partner we will be very frank. We analyze and identify what is possible but also what is not. We are true to our core principles and welcome dialogue. To enable you to achieve the best result possible.

Cooperation - Strong collaboration is always the basis for efficient communication. Co-makership forms the foundation for the ultimate relationship between client and agency. After all, it is your organization, product or personal reputation on the line. We provide the best framework for collaboration based on your specific needs.

No Nonsense - Our approach is characterized by its ‘down to earth’ attitude. Our strategy and advice is based on trusted and new insights in the science of communication. We will not try to wow you with fancy jargon and complex communication models. We speak the language of your organization and market, with customized advice and clearly defined products. We offer the best and ready to implement solutions with regard tot reputation management.