We are an agency that delivers added value when and where needed. We work from the philosophy that in the end we must always contribute to the success of you and your organization. We do this with clear products and services.
And we do this through Research, Improvement and Reinforcement.


Research  • Analysis of identity, branding, positioning, competitors and stakeholders.
• Analysis of organizational communication.
 • Crisis quick scan.
Improvement • Development and establishment of identity and branding.
• Development of a communication program for identity, reputation or change management.
• Development of an approach for stakeholder management.
• Development of a corporate story and messaging.
• Development and improvement of organizational communication.
•  Establishment of a crisis manual and procedures.    
•  Crisis simulations.
•  Crisis media training.
•  Crisis team education. 
 Reinforcement • Supervision of the implementation of a reputation and/or identity program.
Reputation Insurance©: ongoing reputation coaching for smaller (communication) organizations.
• Supervision of a change communication program.
•  Reputation coaching for Corporate and Advisory Boards    
•  Coaching for the communication director/organization.        
•  Interim management and staffing.   
•  Crisis stand-by service (24/7)
•  Crisis consulting and coaching crisis team.
•  Crisis spokes person coaching.
•  Reputation recovery program.
•  Real-time reputation survey and monitoring.
•  Google search neutralization.


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