The world of reputation management is and remains very much in development. Standing still simply means falling behind. Virtus Communications has deliberately linked initiatives to research through which new knowledge is created for this sector. This is illustrated by the following initiatives:

TNO logoTNO - Management of the so-called MOBS project of TNO where the development of online herd behavior or ‘slacktivism’ is investigated. This project is a cross-pollination of scientific research and case studies. The aim is to find the triggers for mass online reactions. The ultimate goal is to develop a ‘serious game’ for online reputation management for crisis teams and Boards of Directors.


swocc logoSWOCC - A sitting at the Advisory Board of the SWOCC at the University of Amsterdam. SWOCC sets out to gain new insights and connect science with practice. This is achieved through scientific research into current communication themes.


Beeckestijn Business School logoBeeckestijn Business School: guest lecturer for the course ‘Online Communication Strategy and Leadership’ of the Beeckestijn Business School. For the modules ‘online reputation management’ and ‘crisis communication’.

On a regular basis we take like to share new insights and knowledge with our clients and relations through blogs, publications and client workshops.